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October 28, 2014, 10:23:14 AM
A different way to share various DC renders.  Obviously not native DesignCAD renderings, but certainly 100% native DesignCAD models, you know the drill, DesignCAD CAN! (or could with a little help).   No photoshop tricks, just the one-armed-bandit rendering software (IMSI's Turbo Studio and its various names).

Also gives forum members the option of skipping forum linked graphics they don't necessarily want downloaded while also not burdening the forum server for graphics storage.

The link is good until DropBox goes under or changes the rules.  Similar to some of the file hosting sites of the past.  Here today, mostly likely gone within a few years.

A DropBox album - Exspheriments
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* October 30, 2014, 09:27:09 PM
Pretty nice experimenting. I remember doing that with TC eons ago when it was fun.

I do like Dropbox, especially for large pictures that would eat up the company's image allotment. Some of my olde Renders. When you're in the slideshow (?) mode, you can right-click an image and choose "View original…" to open that image in a separate tab. Then you can zoom to full size. I added the pages from Engineering Graphics for the Tool Vise (PDF). I had thoughts of doing the sponge in DesignCAD, but I'll have to sit down at some point and read the manual.

John R.

October 31, 2014, 12:53:07 AM
Pretty nice experimenting.

Thanks John. What you, Don C., Henry H. and other TC masters can produce is/was always amazing.  Even more than a decade ago.  DC users have been itching for something comparable for output.

These renders are using some ancient IMSI software.  The first versions of the IDX renderer ventures. Also a decade old, very buggy but hey, they lend the surprise/fun element every time I pull the lever.  Fortunately, relatively quick at rendering;  I can waste time more quickly all day long.  As you said, fun.


November 23, 2014, 11:16:10 AM
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* November 29, 2014, 11:53:23 PM
Nice album and renders. Very well done. Tell IMSI/Design to get itself into gear and get DesignCAD a good rendering program like LightWorks. I'm from the "thumbs-down to RedSDK" crowd when it comes to rendering.

I had a play at making curved 3D text, then subtracting it from some gear patterns. I experimented or Exspherimented for days and came up with the folder below. The large images (9000px+) took 4-5 hours @ to print to a PRN file, then convert to PNG or JPG. One thing I learned long ago, don't use 'real text' and make it 3D; too many facets. I made a symbol library of the Arial font (1" height) where I replaced much of the faceted curved areas with arcs. Extrusions come out smoother this way in TC.
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John R.

November 30, 2014, 01:33:03 AM
REAL nice collection(s) from both of you!  Thanks!


November 30, 2014, 01:38:02 AM
Tell IMSI/Design to get itself into gear


Do you have and use the TurboCAD Deluxe in addition to the Pro?  With me lurking and rubber-necking about in the TurboCAD forum, there are some fantastic creations there.  I don't always know which package made them.  I'm guessing mostly the Pro?

Some DC users would love to be able to get into the rendering but it certainly doesn't make sense to buy the Pro version merely as a rendering platform for DC.  Now if the latest versions of the Deluxe version can read DesignCAD drawings, has the Lightworks engine, and also has some sort of facet surface smoothing function (like SketchUP), AND was priced similar to a good rendering engine in SketchUP (say Twilight,  around $100), some would do it, I'm guessing,  and we could be one large dysfunctional family.

Edit:  Forgot to ask, are you creating those gears from scratch or does TurboCAD have a tool geared for gears?
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* December 01, 2014, 02:36:30 PM
re: …Do you have and use the TurboCAD Deluxe in addition to the Pro?
I have too many versions and editions of TC on my machine. I've used the Deluxe edition when chasing down a problem for someone on the Forum, but normally work with the Platinum edition.

re: …if the latest versions of the Deluxe version can read DesignCAD drawings…
TurboCAD Deluxe 21 is a little bit over your limit, but attainable. As far as "smoothing" goes, I only see it available with the "primitive" tools. Once you 3D Add/Subtract and they become a TC Surface object, "Smoothing" is no longer available. DesignCAD objects show up in TC Deluxe as TC Surface. This is what I got when I 'baked your ziti' in the TC Deluxe 21 oven for 24 minutes with some Quality heat. I made a copy of the letters and used various materials.

 re: …does TurboCAD have a tool geared for gears?
Yes it does, the Gear Contour tool. Originally a SDK tool, but now a regular tool; along with the Stellated Polygon tool. Gear Contour is okay, but there are BUGS that'll probably take years to fix.

John R.

December 02, 2014, 02:00:36 AM
As far as "smoothing" goes, I only see it available with the "primitive" tools. Once you 3D Add/Subtract and they become a TC Surface object, "Smoothing" is no longer available. DesignCAD objects show up in TC Deluxe as TC Surface.

Thanks John.  You've probably seen my rants about the new DesignCAD Solid Surface in version 24 which I understand is a TC Surface.

Anyway, regarding the smoothing. DesignCAD has a more natural synergy with SketchUP then it does with TurboCAD.  In DesignCAD we only have facets (planar regions), call them surfaces.  They can be combined into a DesignCAD solid.  SketchUP does the very same thing.  Everything in SketchUP is merely edges and surfaces. And they too (SketchUP) have modeled a SketchUP solid as a composite collection of surfaces that hold water (they validate this watertightness to be a solid , DesignCAD doesn't). The conceptual parallels between the two programs at this entity primitives level is one to one.

TurboCAD on the other hand vigorously chases and and in some areas leap-frogs AutoCAD thinking with the Andy, Charles, Ian's System solids.  That path offers solid modeling at a different complexity level offering parametric capabilities, assembly sequences etc.

But the point of my asking you is that DesignCAD users are looking for a least-work method of getting quality rendering. Having to fix an import in another program or getting clunky curved surfaces ruin the purpose of using a second program.   Hence the magic of the "smoothing" feature.  And when and if we get those in RedSDK . . .
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February 16, 2015, 02:16:58 AM
Interpreted CAD importance in a material world.  In another topic, Phil and I were discussing point select mode for manipulating solids/surfaces and some of the weird things that one (I) can produce with it.

A DropBox album - Exspheriments with point select mode
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February 26, 2015, 06:06:31 AM
In another post, Pearlitic uploaded an interesting quarter globe.  Of course I think that having every other triangular facet not being a plane offers some interesting rendering possibilities. 

So the only danger when someone uploads a drawing to this forum is me.  I may take it and do some weird picture things with it. 

So Pearlitic, welcome to the DesignCAD forum (AKA the Outer Limits ) and thank you for the Cadstraction (abstract CAD distraction).  Hmm, Cadstraction sounds painful, maybe not a good invented word. Maybe, abcad (abstract CAD)?

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* February 10, 2018, 08:25:18 PM
Thank you.  I thank Hugh Kenner who wrote the book Geodesic Math and How to Use It. 

In particular I like the Octahedral because it could and should revolutionize architecture.  Roman Architecture is boring.

My website is  All of the objects are created by Macros in Design Cad3D.   My greatest accomplishment in DesignCad3D is creating a macro that draws the sand patterns for all of the brackets necessary to produce a 6 frequency Octahedral.    I have already tested the STL files and I know that I can produce the patterns with a CNC milling machine.  I hope to build an ellipse octahedral with about 900 square feet of living space using cast steel brackets.

You are the first person that recognized the potential and I think you're rendering is great!

PS  If you have a macro that allows one to set the texture mapping features for the different solids or planes, I'd like to know about it. 

Best regards,