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Extreme Backgammon and BG for Losers
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November 12, 2015, 11:43:25 AM
Anyone out there like Backgammon?   

I notice all the experts seem to quote Extreme Gammon (XG) frequently - you can load on a computer for about $60, or almost as powerful on a mobile phone for about $11 (or even a free one).  In any event, you can get a trial period for the computer version for 14 days. 

You can also download a great book called "Backgammon for Losers" ("BG for Winners" was already taken, lol), which you can get on Amazon, and download a Tindle version for only $3 or so. That, together with XG on your Mobile Phone and computer is a good investment imo (2 cents). There are also plenty of youtubes by a bloke called Phil Simborg (who co-authored that book) which are excellent.   He's from Chicago, but don't hold that against him - so was Obama I seem to recall :)

Try this one for starters lol.  - Discussion of controversial chouette positions... "Where do you stand when the experts differ?" :)