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Hurricane Matthew
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October 19, 2016, 06:38:21 AM
Hurray, Lar made it! So glad to hear you're safe, brother!

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October 20, 2016, 05:52:28 AM
Thanks for all the concern guys.

The winds were pretty severe but flooding is what everyone was afraid of. I live about a mile and a half from the southern coast and predictions that the entire south of the island would flood, right up to my street, was being passed around on Whattsapp. I'm on the north side of that street and that side has low hills running along it. That along with the fact that so much end of the world junk gets passed around on Whatsapp (especially when hurricanes are approaching) had me only slightly concerned. I was preparing to hunker down and quietly wait out the storm when my daughter, who lives in a flood prone area on another island, was coming to Nassau to wait out the storm with us. Then my son informs me that 2 of his friends would also be joining us. Wait, was this supposed to be a party???

Matthew was supposed to make land fall around 2am and word got around that the electricity would be turned off at 11 that night. It went off around 10 and rather than crank up the generator we decided to just go to bed. Around 11 I noticed the electricity was back on. Next thing everyone was up and we were watching 'Lights Out', followed by playing Family Feud (the mobile app), followed by watching a few episodes of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', which naturally would be followed by the Dave Chappelle Show's Wayne Brady episode, followed by the Rick James' episodes, followed by the Prince episode. It was around 3am before the electricity went off again and we retired for the night. With everything off I then realized how intense the wind was and over the course of the night I was awaken every now and then as ever increasing gusts crashed into the house.

When I awoke the next morning the storm was still raging. I opened a window shutter (away from the wind) and saw a sea grape tree in the front yard slowly being uprooted. Coconut trees that lined my neighbor's property across the street were in an intense battle with the wind, and they were putting up a good fight. I went to open a back door to step out onto my *secure* patio to view the storm and I could not pull the door open. The pressure inside the house pinned the door shut and I had to use all my strength to open it. Once outside it was amazing to see which trees had been blown down, which remained standing and which were in between.

Afterwards I went back inside and ventured onto my *secure* front porch. Upon slightly opening the door the wind, rain and door teamed up against me in a fierce battle to keep me inside. When I did make it outside it was amazing watching the rain being swept sideways by the powerful wind gusts along my street. The good thing was there was no sign of flooding.

Later on, when the eye passed and the more powerful winds started battling us, the coconut trees across the street began to lose their battle. By the time the storm passed, of about 10 trees only 3 remained standing. A neighbor who is about 400 feet south of me informed that flood waters came to about 200 feet from his house. The south of the island did flood but it just did not make it to my street. Many of the trees on my property were blown down or the tops snapped off. Telephone and cable/internet lines attached to my house were on the ground. I later was able to get most of them back up myself, after noticing that they were still connected to the poles (and while the electricity was still off). It took about a week before my electricity came on, when just down the street their lights were on a few days before. Parts of the island are still without lights. One good yet ironic thing is that the island where my daughter lives did not experience a direct hit so she actually should have stayed home. But it was good having her spend time.

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