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I voted. Now I need a shower.
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* November 13, 2016, 10:12:29 AM
Reminds me of George Orwells book
Animal Farm

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November 13, 2016, 01:01:29 PM

That is a very appropriate comparison!


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* November 13, 2016, 01:07:37 PM
Reminds me of George Orwells book Animal Farm

I was thinking of something a bit more recent: the 2006 movie Idiocracy.



December 07, 2016, 07:39:07 PM
David Rowe and Sean Leahy posted these cartoons in Aussie papers :)  There were other great ones in other international papers :)
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December 07, 2016, 07:51:33 PM
Re that last cartoon (from Holland’s Hein de Kort), I tried grabbing a couple of ladies by the "frontal nether region" the other day, but all I got was a black eye.  Seems you have to be rich - or have the reputation of being rich - albeit three times bankrupt and no recent tax returns etcetc - to get away with that sort of behaviour (GROAN! )

PS If his tax return(s) ever come to pass, will it/they be made public?   Or will his first act as President be to abolish Presidential Tax Returns?


December 07, 2016, 07:54:39 PM
Anthony Weiner's Legacy
My name is Tony Weiner, I am Mr Trumpís godsend
By chance I married Huma who is Mrs Clintonís friend
And this is me without my clothes, Iím sorta base and bent
And Iím screwing any chance for her to be the President.

And by chance I had some emails on my laptop with these shots
And by chance with perfect timing to just tie her up in knots
And by chance the FBI have found our emails intertwined,
Then with hours to go before the vote, they changed their flippant mind.

And Iím screwing womenís rights as clarified by Roe V Wade
And Iím screwing the advances that Obamacare has made
Now women can have terminations in some dingy room
And the poor can take an ambo from their front door to their tomb.

And Iím screwing all those Mexicans whoíve worked on US farms
Whoíve had children in New Mexico, - they set off Trump alarms,
Who arenít rapists, just hard workers, who arenít gunmen, just maligned
But are vulnerable to bigotry and men of bigger crime.

And Iím screwing all those Moslems who cause unrest in the church
Some were soldiers who died facedown - Trump now leaves out in the lurch,
And Iím screwing those advances in our social civil rights
Where the Black youth can have recourse when theyíre treated unlike whites.

Re the global warming challenge that AT LAST is ďfront and centreĒ
As spoke by countless scientists (no serious dissenter).
Well Iím screwing that Agreement signed in Paris by that globe
And the third world can go hang themselves on the cord of this bathrobe.

Do you like my pecks? my sixpack? and this package on my crotch?
How Iíve completely undone all the work on Obamaís careful watch?
DAMN God has weird ways to prove that Man has fatal flaws
Still at least I got the gun lobby and KKKís applause.

There are smiles on Pauline Hanson, and that Malcolm Roberts cretin  (Australian senators - climate deniers Islamophobic etc)
And thereís champagne down in Hell today (and the Kremlin too Iím bettin),
And a man who feigns religion, and who wants to rule the minions
Gets the last laugh in his tower, with his little-mind opinions.
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