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Macro for quick lines and stuff in 3D shaded mode.
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January 08, 2020, 08:54:20 AM

This macro is intended to alleviate the slowdowns experienced when trying to draw lines or create 3d primitives (like torus) in OpenGL shaded mode. It has lots of hoops it has to jump through, though, that might render it useless. Try it on your system to see if it helps. It works ok on my system once the drawing isn't too big.

The part that actually works is the actual drawing of lines or creating 3d primitives with no drag   :) 8)

Read comments at start for process instructions...


Code: [Select]
'Lar, 8jan20
'macro for when you are in OpenGL mode and you want to do one of those commands that would take long, like Line, Torus, move something, etc...

' macro's process: 1] switches to wireframe (which allows GDI shading while in OpenGL mode); 2] GDI shades the active window (which allows stuff to be done quickly like when in wireframe mode (won't have Mixed Mode shading right then; may not shade the same as opengl; 2d elements may not render; even though this macro have them set to; also appears that turning on gdi shading deselects stuff; in large drawings may take long to shade... all very sad)), 3] runs the setpoint command, which allows you to call up any command, eg line or torus, or move stuff... when ready to end the macro just click anywhere in a drawing window, if it doesn't return to macro by itself), 3] returns to OpenGL mode and ends...

sys(2)=0     'wireframe mode, necessary to allow GDI shading while in OpenGL mode, next...

>ShadeView   'GDI shade...
'0 = no show, 1 = show; these should show 2d stuff but desn't on mycomputer...
<ShowLine 1
<ShowArrow 1
<ShowDim 1
<ShowText 1

   'you can comment this next line out once you get use to the macro...
message "The setpoint command will start next but you can call up any command. Click anywhere in the drawing window to continue the macro..."

setpoint "Run a command (one that takes long in OpenGL shade mode), after the command click anywhere to return to macro..." 1     ' this gives user ability to start other commands (like line or torus, things that take long in OpenGL shade mode... click in drawing space (with no command running) to get back to macro...

sys(2)=3     'backto OpenGL... [0 = wireframe, 1 = hiddenline, 2 = flatshade, 3 = smoothshade, 4 = quickhiddenline]

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* January 11, 2020, 06:43:44 AM
Hi Lar., and thank you.
But I'm not really sure if it's working.
There's flickering when placing dimensions and when zooming in and out.
Maybe more instruction is needed, perhaps.

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