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PrintCurrentView command does not work
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* February 19, 2020, 12:14:16 PM
I am unable to get the PrintCurrentView command to function in a basiccad routine. I assume that this command is the equivalent to the FastPrint (Current View)

I have tried executing this with DesignCAD v20.1 and v26.2 with Windows 7. What confuses me is that running a simple macro file with this command alone on a simple 2D drawing generates an error message: Error executing DesignCAD command-PrintCurrentView ID:9640, whereas executing the FastPrint option from the main toolbar operates correctly.

I have also tried running a macro found in this forum 'prr.d3m' by user dbeck. This macro is intended to enable a user to print a selected rectangular region of a drawing. This also does not work, but simply passes over the same basic command without error and without printing anything.

The command in my test file and in the found macros is simply:
Code: [Select]
Any ideas why this is not working?